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Oriental Garden
Japanese Garden John Hart Conservatory
Photo Name :
Oriental Garden
Location :
Adelaide, South Australia
Photo Description :

This oriental garden photograph was taken in the peaceful surroundings of the Adelaide Himeji Gardens. It shows a wide range of well manicured plants and trees situated around a tranquil pond. Being in these surroundings really puts your mind at ease and helps you to forget about the stresses of everyday city life.

Photo Sizes and Prices :
15" x 6" (37.5cm x 15cm) $45
Solution Graphics
20" x 8" (50cm x 20cm) $55
25" x 10" (62.5cm x 25cm) $65
30" x 12" (75cm x 30cm) $80
35" x 14" (87.5cm x 35cm) $100
40" x 16" (100cm x 40cm) $120
Regardless of the photo size all panoramic photographs have a resolution of 300 dpi (dots per inch).
This ensures that each photograph is of the highest possible quality and extremely detailed.